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Ethernet Switching

QFX5100 max vlan interfaces and other questions

‎09-16-2019 01:57 AM

Hi all,

Could someone tel me what is the maximum number of the following parameters on QFX5100:

- interface vlans

- ospf and static routes

- ospf neigbors

- ACLs and entries for an ACL


Tnaks a lot.

Ethernet Switching

Re: QFX5100 max vlan interfaces and other questions

‎09-16-2019 02:45 AM



For interface vlans - i believe qfx supports 4096 vlans.

For ospf and static route - The qfx5100 has a unified forwarding table which can be used as per your requirement.

The total ipv4 unicast route supported is 208K.

For ospf neighbor - there is no such limitation in numbers however ospf database size will decide how many neighbors you can have.

ACLs you can configure 2048 filters for ingress and 256 for the egress. 

You can check the maximum capacity using the below command

labroot@Juniper> show pfe filter hw summary

Slot 0

Group Group-ID Allocated Used Free
> Ingress filter groups:
iRACL group 33 2048 84 1964
> Egress filter groups:
ePACL group 45 256 5 251


Hope this helps