Ethernet Switching
Ethernet Switching


‎06-06-2019 12:43 PM

Recently upgraded to 18.1R3-S4. Trying to configure a VNI for my VLANs. This is what I get under "set vlan"

root@SPINE-02# set vlans VLAN-EXAMPLE ?
Possible completions:
+ apply-groups         Groups from which to inherit configuration data
+ apply-groups-except  Don't inherit configuration data from these groups
+ community-vlans      List of VLAN id or name
  description          Text description of VLANs
  domain-id            Domain-id for auto derived Route Target (1..15)
> forwarding-options   Forwarding options configuration
> interface            Interface name for this VLAN
  isolated-vlan        VLAN id or name
  l3-interface         L3 interface name for this vlans
  mcae-mac-flush       Enable IRB MAC flush in a/s mode for this VLAN on MCAE link up
  mcae-mac-synchronize  Enable IRB MAC synchronization in this VLAN
> multicast-snooping-options  Multicast snooping option configuration
  no-arp-suppression   Disable suppression of ARP/NDP for EVPN
  no-irb-layer-2-copy  Disable transmission of layer-2 copy of packets of IRB routing-interface
  private-vlan         Type of secondary vlan for private vlan
  service-id           Service id required if VLAN is of type MC-AE, and vlan-id all or vlan-id none or vlan-tags is configured (1..65535)
> switch-options       VLANs switch-options configuration
  vlan-id              IEEE 802.1q VLAN identifier for VLAN (1..4094)
+ vlan-id-list         Create VLAN for each of the vlan-id specified in the vlan-id-list
> vlan-tags            IEEE 802.1q VLAN tags for VLANs
root@SPINE-02# set vlans VLAN-EXAMPLE vxlan
syntax error.
root@SPINE-02# set vlans VLAN-EXAMPLE vxlan

On a QFX5110-48S running 18.1R3-S4 the same command gets me what I need:

root@leaf1# set vlans VLAN-EXAMPLE vxlan vni 55555


What gives?

Ethernet Switching

Re: QFX5110-32Q VXLAN

‎06-06-2019 01:02 PM

I figured it out. The QFX5110-32Q was in Mixed VC Mode. Once it was removed the VXLAN knob is back.