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Ethernet Switching

QFX5120-32C vs QFX5200-32C

‎09-25-2019 01:41 PM

Hi, I have to decise which switch I should install as leaf were the requeriment is 25gbps ports, but in the future colud be 100gbps

We will use a MX as spine.


I saw a few option but finally I can not decide between QFX5120-32C or QFX5200-32C. What are the pros and contras of both?


And I'm scared for one of the models will be EOL soon, that happened to me with the EX3300


Thanks All!

Ethernet Switching
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‎09-30-2019 01:43 PM

Re: QFX5120-32C vs QFX5200-32C

‎09-25-2019 02:24 PM

When you write as a "leaf" and MX is your "Spine", are you talking EVPN/VXLAN design or something else?  If indeed EVPN/VXLAN spine-leaf design, that QFX5120-32C is probably better suited for leaf role as it can perform VXLAN L3.  The QFX5200-32C can not perform VXLAN functions, but is well positioned to be a lean-spine device (IP Fabric).


QFX51xx is Trident based, while QFX52xx is Tomahawk based, and Tomahawk has no VXLAN capabilities, at least not today.


I would think this question would be best discussed with your Partner-Juniper local sales team, not here, . . .

Ethernet Switching

Re: QFX5120-32C vs QFX5200-32C

‎09-25-2019 02:57 PM

I agree with rccpgm except that QFX5200-32C can actually do EVPN-VXLAN - but only for layer2. VXLAN routing is not supported on the Tomahawk chipset.


I would still go for the QFX5120-32C as it has a way better chipset for a leaf device and has just recently been introduced with many years before reaching EOS/EOL. QFX5200-32C is probably closer to EOS but Juniper has a general tendency of shipping platforms for many years. The EX3300 had a 8 year lifetime before being announced EOL - 8 years is quite long in the IT industry :-)


On top in the favor of QFX5120-32C... the port-to-port latency between 25G ports on Tomahawk based chipsets are horrible compared to Trident based ones. So if you want to do 25G initially the don't look at QFX5200-32C.


But I would also recommend that you discuss your design with your local Juniper partner to ensure the design matches your expectations - just as rccpgm mentions :-)

Best regards,

Jonas Hauge Klingenberg
Juniper Ambassador & Technology Architect, SEC DATACOM A/S (Denmark)