Ethernet Switching
Ethernet Switching

Qinq issue on mx104

07.13.17   |  
‎07-13-2017 10:57 AM
I have customer that connected to switch
The switch qinq the customer vlan and send it to another switch that does also qinq and send it to the mx
The mx gets 3 vlans and needs to pop the 2 qinq vlans and attached the inner customer vlan to service internet
Is it possible?
I know that mx has vlan-tags with 1 outer and 1 inner
I need another inner vlan (customer vlan)
Also the interface configured under bridge domain
With routing interface irb
Ethernet Switching

Re: Qinq issue on mx104

07.18.17   |  
‎07-18-2017 01:54 PM

You are looking for this feature: Not supported on your System. Contact JTAC, they may have plans to support it with a software upgrade. You never know.

IEEE 802.1ah PBB

Provider backbone bridges (PBB), also known as MAC-in-MAC, provide support to carrier Ethernet networks. PBB defines a hierarchical network architecture and new frame formats that extend the functionality of provider bridges (IEEE802.1ad) for service providers that want to offer Layer 2 Ethernet services to their customers. With PBB, customer bridged (IEEE 802.1q) networks are aggregated into provider backbone bridge networks (IEEE 802.1ah networks).
Feature Family: Layer 2 Features 
This feature is supported on following platforms/applications:
Introduced Release
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