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Recover EX2200

06.29.11   |  
‎06-29-2011 09:09 AM

I have an EX2200 that has previously been configured but of course no documentation was done.  I've tried the default but apparently it was changed.


With no knowledge of the IP assigned to the device or what the root information is, can it be reset to Factory Defaults (which would let me run EZSetup - or even just connect to it - and put it on the new network)?

- Bill Gould
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Re: Recover EX2200

06.29.11   |  
‎06-29-2011 11:28 AM

If you have console access to it you can do a password reset on the root user and then just login to see what the current configuration is. You boot up the box and break the  boot up sequence when it says <enter space bar for command prompt>


type boot -s then type recovery once it goes into single user mode. From there you go in the config and reset the root user password.


% cli

user@host> config

user@host# set system root-authenciation plain-text-password


Commit - reboot and you are good.


I am sure you can do a factory default also - but don't do enough with EX2200's to remember off the top of my head (unlike resetting passwords Smiley Happy  

Kevin Barker
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Re: Recover EX2200

06.30.11   |  
‎06-30-2011 07:38 AM

Thanks Kevin.  That should give me what I need.

- Bill Gould
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Re: Recover EX2200

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07.03.11   |  
‎07-03-2011 07:49 PM

You can do



user@switch# load factory default

user@switch# commit


I thinks that's how to reset back to default.

Christian Nathaniel Hartono

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