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Ethernet Switching

SOLVED: DHCP server assigning addresses from wrong pool

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‎03-21-2018 04:46 AM

2nd DHCP issue in as many days.


EX3300 running legacy DHCP server is incorrectly distributing addresses from an adjacent pool. Output from dhcp_logfile shows the DHCPDISCOVER being received on This should generate a offer from the pool but something happens and the server selects an address from the pool.


*** dhcp_logfile ***
Mar 21 11:36:44 received packet from port 68 interface vlan.791 routing instance default
Mar 21 11:36:44 Link local IP: 0
Mar 21 11:36:44 -- looking for pool with subnet, prefix length 32
Mar 21 11:36:44 -- [pfxlen 25] Found pool `'




UPDATE: Solved this with a restart of the dhcp service:

>restart dhcp