Ethernet Switching
Ethernet Switching

Simplifying VOIP QOS

‎01-09-2015 07:15 AM

Hi All,


I need to setup QOS for a VOIP deployment.  All voice traffic occurs on a voice vlan and this is the only traffic that needs to be prioritized.


Instead of messing around with classifiers, schedulers, and maps.  Can I just use a filter to put all traffic on the voice vlan into the Expidited forwarding queue which is on the box by default?


For example something like this:


family ethernet-switching {
    filter Voice {
        term All_voice {
            then {
                forwarding-class expedited-forwarding;
                loss-priority low;
You can apply this filter to the Voice VLAN:
    vlan-id 2;
    filter {
        input Voice;


My only concern is wether or not the EF queue is honored by default witought any further configuraiton


Thanks for any help