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Ethernet Switching

Upgrade ex4200 in working enviroments

2 weeks ago


I have 6x EX4200 in working enviroments and i want to upgrade their junos but i never uypgrade ex4200 up to now,

so my questions are :

1. what is the solution for upgrade junos with less downtime?

2. if for any reason upgrade does not finish or has an issue, does the switch boot with old firmware?

THank you.

Ethernet Switching

Re: Upgrade ex4200 in working enviroments

2 weeks ago

Hi blackmetal,


 You can use NSSU to upgrade your switches avoiding a complete downtime of the switches. You can find more about NSSU on the below link:


You can refer to the below link for tested jumps using NSSU:


If your jump is not specified on the link, Juniper may not be able to confirm if there will be any unexpected behavior or if NSSU will fail. If that is the case, we suggest performing a normal upgrade using "request system sofware add" command and reboot all switches after using "request system reboot". More info:


If there are any errors while pushing the image with command "request system sofware add" , the process will stop and show an error. In this case, the switch will keep the old image.


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