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Virtual Chassis Technology

03.12.08   |  
‎03-12-2008 03:29 AM
How do you compare Virtual chassis technology and Nortel's SMLT ( Active -Active) scenario for the Zero Down time ?
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Re: Virtual Chassis Technology

03.27.08   |  
‎03-27-2008 05:38 PM

Juniper's Virtual Chassis(tm) technology and Nortel's SMLT serve two different functions.


Virtual Chassis technology virtualizes the operation of a Juniper chassis platform on a pay-as-you-grow form factor. It allows you to interconnect multiple EX 4200 series switches that operate as a single switch with one version of JUNOS to maintain, one configuration file to manage and a single logical device to manage. Virtual Chassis technology also provides all of the hardware and software redundancy you might expect from a traditional chassis switch - things like a standby and backup route engine enabling support for functions like graceful protocol restart and in-service software updates. The EX 4200 provides hardware high availability with with internal redundant power supplies and multiple blowers. 


You can interconnect multiple EX 4200 switches with either the 128Gbps Virtual Chassis port or by using the 10GbE uplink modules which allows a single virtual chassis to operate, say, between two wiring closets.


By using Virtual Chassis technology in combination with Link Aggregation (LAG) you can deliver the same network designs as with SMLT - but you get all of the extra benefits of simplified operation in a more compact, scalable and less power hungry form factor.


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Re: Virtual Chassis Technology

04.09.08   |  
‎04-09-2008 04:44 AM
Well about about virtual switching in reverse: can I split single EX into few virtual switches each with its own management users/IPs and so on ? Similar to the way I can do virtual systems on Netscreen FW products ? I believe virtualization cuts both ways: mashing everything up into single management interface to ease overal device management and then slicing it up and perhaps re-allocating dynamically to different zones/customers/other logical entities for security purposes.
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Re: Virtual Chassis Technology

05.04.08   |  
‎05-04-2008 05:42 AM
Not at this stage.  JUNOS for the EX doesn't currently support virtual routers or logical routers, which is the way you would achieve this functionality
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