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Ethernet Switching

Web URLs Hang While SSH'd To Server, Only Occurs When EX2200 is Put Inline

02.27.11   |  
‎02-27-2011 09:49 AM
I had to back out of a network refresh because of one simple test.

e have a laptop, fedora 8 and a server UNIX connected to the same switch. From the laptop we ssh into the server(merlin) and open a url which is local http://merlin. The link opens but as soon as we click on a sub url the session hangs. This only occurs when we run this test on the brand new Juniper EX2200 switch. When we move the laptop and server back onto the old legacy HP switch the problem doesn't occur.

I can't figure it out, nor can JTAC with my 1047 cell phone minutes worth of calls to the JTAC.

Has anyone run across something like this, perhaps related to large files and small files at least? What is the work around?