Ethernet Switching
Ethernet Switching

ZTP for 2x EX4300 connected on VCP ports, but WITHOUT Virtual Chassis - possible?

‎10-11-2019 01:30 AM

I'm developing a ZTP setup and right now my focus is on our ToR switch layer.



  • Current platform is EX4300.
  • Current software is 18.3R2.7
  • Two EX4300-48T act as ToR switches, where servers have redundant connections to both.
  • I want to avoid using Virtual Chassis, and use MC-LAG instead.
  • The two EX4300s are connected back to back with all four 40G ports, where two will be used for the ICL and the remaining two will be used for the ICCP. Most likely bandwidth overkill, I know, but the ports will not be used for anything else in our setup and I'd rather have all front ports available for uplinks/servers

Now to the issue at hand:

Everytime I reset the switches "request system zeroize", they come up as a virtual-chassis, because that's their default behavior.


How can I get them to operate as two stand-alone devices with separate configurations/identities - WITHOUT having to remove the VCP cables or something similar?