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Ethernet Switching

cluster membership on EX switch

08.10.17   |  
‎08-10-2017 08:10 PM

I often struggle with getting EX4200 to take their assigned role in a virtual cluster. This is under version 12.3 and 15.1. If the cluster is preprovisioned, i often get what should be a master booting as a line card and staying that way.


If i change a switch from preprovisioned to non-preprovisioned + mastership-priority, it still shows its old preprovisoned membership under "show virtual". I have to zeroize the switch and reconfigure from scratch to make the revised config take.


Are there command, other than "request virtual reactivate", which will force a switch to recheck and restart its virtual chassis subsystem?

Ethernet Switching

Re: cluster membership on EX switch

08.12.17   |  
‎08-12-2017 08:34 AM

Hi J,


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Please ensure you have same version of JUNOS on all members of virtual chassis cluster-

>show version


Check whether & if the troubling member is booting with primary partition and check the version on it-

>show system storage partitions

>show system snapshot media internal


Also please use the following command strictly if there are only 2 members in virtual chassis-

#set virtual-chassis no-split-detection

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Vinayak Bhardwaj
Network Support Engineer (INSPIRA)