Ethernet Switching
Ethernet Switching

ex-3400 on 18.4R2.S2 no mac on SFP-t

‎11-05-2019 03:16 PM

we poc'ed these boxes and the SFP-T worked fine for 100mb connections. but that was on 15 code, the switches we just order are on 18.2 code when it shipped i think, I have tried 18.4R1.s4 and the 18.4R2.S2


The SPF work fine a 1G connection, on 100mb the auto is full/100 but i do not see a MAC 


the SPF work fine on he ex-2200 and agaon the POC of the EX3400 we did about 8months ago. was on 15.x 


does anybody know an 18 code that fixes this?