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mvrp and QFX

‎11-16-2014 10:59 AM

Is anyone using mvrp to manage vlans with both ex and qfx switches?  We use mvrp extensively throughout our ex series switches.  We started building a  new core based upon a stack of qfx5100's, and discovered that mvrp doesn't appear to work:


show mvrp dynamic-vlan-membership on the ex swithes now shows vlans that we aren't even using, all originating from the qfx


none of the vlans used for access ports are getting added to the aggregate between the ex and qfx switches.


I have a case open with JTAC, but was curious whether others are using mvrp between these two product lines.


I'm runing 13.2X51-D26.2 on the qfx stack and 12.3R6.6 on the ex switches, both of which are the recommended versions.




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Re: mvrp and QFX

‎01-27-2015 06:50 AM

recently we tested mvrp in mixed EX and QFX environment and noticed similar problems
we used 3x qfx5100(in VCF) as a core and 2x EX4200 as access switch
show mvrp dynamic-vlan-membership on the EX swithes show vlans which has never been added, the same command on the QFX shows only vlans added locally.
On the EX we define L3 interfaces, and when pinging every few minutes a 1-2 packages will be delivered successfully
We're runing 13.2X51-D30.4 on the QFX stack and 12.3R6.6 on the EX switches


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Re: mvrp and QFX

‎08-18-2016 08:25 AM


I've been performing some of my own testing using a test rig of EX4550 <--> EX2200 <-> QFX5100 all running MVRP.

Couple of really interesting points here which have snagged me up in recent testing.

1. QFX runs L2NG code is an entirely different code train (read : implementation) than EX JunOS.


2. EX needs to have the add-attribute-length-in-pdu knob enabled to be compatible with the QFX. Else, odd things can happen as the PDU is missing 2 bytes which are expected causing incorrect parsing of the PDU. Restarting l2cpd-service or deactivate/activate mvrp should clear out the cruft if it's mismatched by accident. The standard calls for the attribute-length field so the preferred scenario is to add the attribute on the EX, rather than use the remove-attribute knob on the QFX if possible.


3. EX will announce VLANs out applicable trunk ports when EITHER an access port OR a vlan on a trunk port comes up


4. QFX will only announce VLANs ONLY when an access port comes up. In order to announce VLANs active on a trunk port, you must enable MVRP on that trunk interface (yes, even if it's facing a server/router) in addition to the standard inter-switch trunk links. The EX doesn't require this.



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Re: mvrp and QFX

‎08-23-2016 05:27 PM

** Update **


There were still issues still seen between EX/QFX resulting in high pfem, high eswd, high sfid on TOR switch VCs when the QFX was connected into the AGG layer, and closer inspection of MVRP PDUs resulted in what appeared to be ghost vlans showing up in QFX MVRP announcements.


FWIW, after some deep dive there was a code drop this morning for EX and QFX to resolve interop behavior that seems to have resolved all previously unwanted behavior documented in an internal PR. 

If you're still having issues with your setups, check with your Juniper account team for updated code. Target for the fix in mainline should be 14.1X53-D40 on the QFX. You only need to update either EX or QFX to resolve. No target release yet for EX rollup.