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Ethernet Switching

right multicast configuration when using a EX4300 as layer2 aggregation switch for many source befor the pim router

‎08-10-2017 04:54 AM

Hi all,

I would like check with you guys if I have done the best configuration for following scenario.


I have 10 sources (servers) which are connected to an ex4300 for port aggregation.

The uplink from ex4300 is connected to the pim-router.

In the ex4300 I have only activated igmp-snooping.

In the pim-router I have activated PIM and IGMP.


Every thing work, but I'm not sure it is the right way 

Everything is getting a little backward.
In most cases, you have layer2 switches after query router against all receivers.
When I do show command in the layer2 switch for igmp-snooping, all senders respond to igmp query messages.
Can I do a better configuration so the L2 switch knows how to send all multicast traffic to the pim router without sending query message?


Thanks Niklas