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vQFX10k 15.1X53-D60 on ESXi Installation and Running with up to 10 Interfaces

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‎02-02-2017 02:47 AM

Hi !


Ther are some info on installing the vQFX10k , this one was helpful for me


vQFX 10k Testlab on ESX 6.0 / 6.


(NOTE that the RE needs a lot of memory if you add interfaces, I use 6GB/RE)


but on ESX/ESXi you also need to set the correct mac-adresses (at least for all interfaces starting with xe-0/0/1, the xe-0/0/0 worked for me without setting the correct mac-adress))


em3 to xe-0/0/0

em4 to xe-0/0/1


I have written a procedure for the vMX and adapted it for the vQFX which does this automatically on each commit


The script sets the correct mac address on any configured XE interface  ( taken from the corresponding em(+3) interface,.

  • the mac address is visible under current address in show interface
  • Only if there is a mac adress set in the configuration, that one will be overwritten with the correct one.
  • If the interface belongs to an ae-set, then there will be no mac adress set, as the mac-address is set by the ae
  • if the config contains an interface without a corresponding em-interface , it signals an error on commit


the procedure is attached... < EDIT notice: corrected slax script, as the gigether-options are called ether-options on QFX10k>


Installation on RE


> file copy  <location>/set-em-mac-to-xe-ae-vQFX.slax /var/db/scripts/commit/



# set system scripts commit allow-transients

# set system scripts commit file set-em-mac-to-xe-ae-vQFX.slax

#  commit


Hope that helps to  install vQFx10k on ESXi, I assume that the mac-seting is also needed on VMware Workstation but I have not tested it.


Another hint: there are a bunch of et,xe... interfaces with DHCP in the startup-factory-default, clear them all before starting with your configuration.

and yes independent of your ESXi physical interfaces the interfaces are 10gig XE interfaces.


With best regards


Alexander Marhold



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Re: vQFX10k 15.1X53-D60 on ESXi Installation and Running with up to 10 Interfaces

‎02-02-2017 08:15 AM

Installing and Running vQFX on Vmware Workstation


  1. Take the virtualbox-version and expand the file 2 times with a zip-program (eg. 7zip)
  2. The pfe can be started by opening the box.ovf in VMware ( ignore first message regarding OVF check not passed, it starts with relaxed
  3. For the RE you need to

 Edit  box.ovf and rename it ( eg. to re-box)


<Disk ovf:capacity="4293628416"


<Disk ovf:capacity="4096" ovf:capacityAllocationUnits="MegaBytes"


(the reason for the necessary enlargement of the disk-capacity seems to be that the diskexpansion on VMware WS needs slightly more space than virtualbox)


Then open the edited re-box.ovf in VMware WS





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Re: vQFX10k 15.1X53-D60 on ESXi Installation and Running with up to 10 Interfaces

‎07-06-2017 07:47 AM

Hi Alexander,


Thanks for your post. I tried to install the vqfx-RE and vqfx-pfe on the workstation. I was able to boot the RE but on the PFE I am getting the error "Inappropriate ioctl for device".  Please see attached screen shot. Let me know if I am missing something or any work around for this error.





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Re: vQFX10k 15.1X53-D60 on ESXi Installation and Running with up to 10 Interfaces

‎07-10-2017 06:50 PM

Alex and all

i followd the intrsuctions and added the commit script but the xe- interfaces showed once and vanished .. Any ideas ? workaround to bring the xe-interfaces back online ?


root@vQFX_01_RE1> show interfaces terse    
Interface               Admin Link Proto    Local                 Remote
gr-0/0/0                up    up
bme0                    up    up
bme0.0                  up    up   inet     
cbp0                    up    up
dsc                     up    up
em0                     up    up
em0.0                   up    up   inet  
em1                     up    up
em2                     up    up
em2.32768               up    up   inet  
em3                     up    up
em3.0                   up    up   inet    
em4                     up    up
esi                     up    up
gre                     up    up
ipip                    up    up
irb                     up    up
lo0                     up    up
lo0.0                   up    up   inet    
                                   inet6    fe80::250:560f:fc90:b9a1
lo0.16385               up    up   inet    
lsi                     up    up
mtun                    up    up
pimd                    up    up
pime                    up    up
pip0                    up    up
tap                     up    up
vme                     up    down
vtep                    up    up

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Re: vQFX10k 15.1X53-D60 on ESXi Installation and Running with up to 10 Interfaces

‎03-14-2018 10:38 PM

Hi rtrabelsi,

i am getting the same problem. did you manage to get your xe- interfaces? if yes, then please share your solution. Thanks




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Re: vQFX10k 15.1X53-D60 on ESXi Installation and Running with up to 10 Interfaces

‎03-17-2018 09:58 AM

Could you explain what you mean by setting the write MAC address.  My show interface are sowing MAC address for all xe interfaces on vmware, I am just not sure how to conenect vqfx's router via xe interfaces and be able to ping. I apriciate it f you could explain this to me.


root@vqfx-re# run show interfaces xe-0/0/1
Physical interface: xe-0/0/1, Enabled, Physical link is Up
Interface index: 649, SNMP ifIndex: 512
Link-level type: Ethernet, MTU: 1518, LAN-PHY mode, Speed: 10Gbps, Duplex: Full-Duplex, BPDU Error: None, Loop Detect PDU Error: None, MAC-REWRITE Error: None, Loopback: Disabled,
Source filtering: Disabled, Flow control: Disabled, Media type: Fiber
Device flags : Present Running
Interface flags: SNMP-Traps Internal: 0x4000
CoS queues : 8 supported, 8 maximum usable queues
Current address: 02:05:86:71:53:07, Hardware address: 02:05:86:71:53:07
Last flapped : 2018-03-15 14:29:26 UTC (1d 22:20 ago)
Input rate : 0 bps (0 pps)
Output rate : 0 bps (0 pps)
Active alarms : None
Active defects : None
Interface transmit statistics: Disabled