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Ethernet Switching

virtual chassis sometime not reachable

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‎05-28-2014 01:43 AM


I have a problem in my lan.

I have a core switch composed of two member (ex4200) in virtual chassis, connected with 4 ports in ae  to another virtual-chassis composed of 4 member (ex3300).

Sometimes I loose the 4 members chassis, I can't reach the management IP. 

Are not present information in  "sh log messages" . Juniper it's pretty new environment for me, someone can give me some advice ? How can I trobleshoot the problem ?

Ethernet Switching

Re: virtual chassis sometime not reachable

‎05-30-2014 01:04 AM

Can you check the /var/log/messages from both VCs at the time when you have this problem? Do you see any logs recorded at that time?





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