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Juniper Employee
‎10-29-2008 12:00 AM
‎10-29-2008 12:00 AM

This week, I’m blogging from RSA Europe in London. The conference is dedicated to Alan Turing, the great British cryptographer and early computer scientist. The folks at Bletchley Park teamed with a local hobbyist to bring an Enigma machine and other cryptographic machines to the conference. I had a great time playing with the Enigma.



Attendance at the show was down a bit from last year, probably due to the poor economy. Still, there was a good crowd for my talk on “NAC 2.0″ this morning. I explained how NAC systems are starting to integrate with other network security systems like IDS and DLP. This trend is really starting to accelerate now that IF-MAP has been released, providing a standard way for these integrations to happen.

One more note. The Bletchley Park folks are appealing for donations to help save their historic site, an important part of cryptography and information security. If you’d like to donate, visit their site at or stop by and see the machines for yourself. If you can’t make it to England, go to the U.S. National Cryptologic Museum in Maryland. They have a similarly amazing collection of spy gear albeit in a less historic setting.


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Nov 4, 2008
A great talk I hear! The machines were amazing. Kudos to RSA for having the Bletchley folks along.
Nov 14, 2008
I would love to be able to take a close look at an Enigma machine. real history!
Nov 17, 2008

Oh, I would love to have been at RSA London. I think Alan Turing is such a remarkable man. I studied him a lot during college. Also, I am envious that you were able to see an Enigma machine. You are so lucky!


Great post, so glad to see you are keeping busy and well entertianed!