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Juniper Employee
Juniper Employee
‎02-02-2009 07:22 AM
‎02-02-2009 07:22 AM

I've been promoted! Instead of just blogging about NAC here on my Got The NAC blog, I have been asked to join a team of Juniper bloggers on the new Networking Now blog .

The new blog will have a much wider scope than my Got The NAC blog. We'll cover anything in networking and security. I'm glad that we're breaking down these artificial walls. Forget the alphabet soup of IDS, NAC, DLP, etc. It's all about providing a secure, reliable IT infrastructure for our customers and businesses.
The important issues go beyond any one technology.

Don't worry. I'm still technical and deeply involved in all the new technologies being developed at Juniper and around the industry. I'm just expanding my scope a little bit.

So please click over to the Networking Now blog and check out our new content over there. You can subscribe to just my posts but I hope that you'll enjoy posts from all the Juniper bloggers. Open your mind to some new perspectives. You'll be amazed at the insights the new perspectives bring.

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