IOS to Junos (I2J) Tips
IOS to Junos (I2J) Tips

Run the IOS CLI on Junos!

‎02-08-2012 10:01 AM

One can build software apps for Junos using the Junos SDK.


Tail-F is a third-party company whose core product is an engine for configuration and operational status translation between various network equipment devices. Using the Junos SDK they ported their engine and CLI onto Junos to behave exactly like the IOS CLI, but it works with Junos. Make an IOS config and it shows up in the Junos config DB. Perform a show command and get back the info you'd expect in IOS from the Junos router.


It's very cool. We're working on a demo video for external consumption, and a few small cases to begin with.


For more information contact and

IOS to Junos (I2J) Tips

Re: Run the IOS CLI on Junos!

‎03-29-2012 09:20 AM
Are there any legal issues with this? Reason I ask is the last time I did my Extreme Networks Specialist exam, they were touting much the same functionaility for XOS i.e. an IOS like shell, or a Junos like shell to sit on top of the XML interface however Im sure it was mentioned as being entangled in litigation.
IOS to Junos (I2J) Tips

Re: Run the IOS CLI on Junos!

‎03-29-2012 09:27 AM

Well James if you have a look at JUNOS-E

I mean the software that run on JUNIPER E series you will see that the CLI is already like IOS.


So Juniper do not have any legal issue with this (AFAIK)

IOS to Junos (I2J) Tips

Re: Run the IOS CLI on Junos!

‎03-30-2012 02:43 AM

This was done to death many years ago.  My google skills are failing me right now, but I believe there was a court ruling that was handed down back in the 90s that stated that a Command Line Interface could not be copyrighted.


The IOS-style CLI has been cloned by Unisphere (now Juniper ERX), Foundry (now Brocade), MRV, Aruba, Avaya, 3Com/H3C (Now HP), HP (Procurve), Huawei and I'm sure numerous other vendors for years.


While the IOS-like "industry-standard" CLI is certainly a fast way to configure a box using cut-and-paste, I find Junos to be so much more powerful with long term use, especially when changes are required.

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