Identity & Policy Control - SBR Carrier & SRC
Identity & Policy Control - SBR Carrier & SRC

Question about SRC-PE Redirect component

‎06-26-2015 04:12 AM

Hi all


Does anyone have any experience of the performance component of the SRC-PE REDIR?
in accordance with


SRC-PE have limit 12000 rpm with bust up to 18000 rpm, it 200 and 300 rps respectively


On the device, I see:

SRC-PE-2> show redirect-server statistics
Redirect Server
Uptime 684010.738
Accepted requests 3406801
Rejected requests 9421131
Number of user limit leaky buckets 206
Number of user limits reached 32333
Number of global limits reached 0


whether the correct expression:

request = accept + reject ?


and when i see 

[REDIR] Requests Accepted Rate 79.41 rps
[REDIR] Requests Rejected Rate 192.29 rps


it will signal to the alarm?