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Identity & Policy Control - SBR Carrier & SRC

Tracking of data usage (VTA,SRC,)

‎11-02-2015 02:33 PM

Hi Guys,


Hope there is somebody to assist with this issue I am having. Junipers famous SRC product.


The issue is as follows:

We have capped and uncapped users on our network.

Some of the capped users are experencing some weird data usage graphs. They will be using the data everyday of the month, but when you look at the graph it show that all the data were used on one day only.

It seems that the VTA is not getting a stop/start record.


Now the question is:

How does the VTA checking the subscribers, everyday, once a week?


Extra info:

So the VTA rights the data to the VTA.SQL database and from there we pull the data and populate it in a graph.


Thanks in advance