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Industry Solutions and Trends
Accelerate the Automation Journey with Juniper EngNet
Dec 20, 2018

The speed of current technological breakthroughs is disrupting almost every industry fundamentally altering the way we live, work and communicate with each other. 


The latest breakthrough introduces a foundational change in the networking industry with an open community base and innovative new operational processes. Open-source communities and third-party developer programs are growing exponentially, disrupting the networking industry with home-grown applications. It is estimated that open-source community Github currently includes more than 13.7 million developers with an average of three or more repos. Python, a programming language, has 6.3 million active developers, and those numbers are climbing[1]. Service providers, cloud providers and enterprises are all embracing these growing open communities and are adopting a more platform-based approach for their infrastructure and cloud services. This is exemplified by the AT&T Developers Program, Verizon’s Open Development Program and ONAP from Linux Foundation for service providers, as well as SalesForce Developers and Oracle Developer Portal for leading enterprises.  


From an organizational standpoint, there is a general belief that automation will transform some currently manual work activities, suggesting a potential to produce more creative and innovative work. However, this can only occur once automation replaces routine or repetitive tasks, freeing workers to focus more on more creative, emotional tasks.


Service providers and enterprises are at the forefront of these foundational changes. Advances in network automation require both a retooling of network infrastructures and re-evaluating business requirements, while improving operational efficiencies by considering emerging operational best-practices like network reliability engineers (NREs). SPs must also constantly transform - prioritizing internal resources based on where open source applications might be leveraged - or risk becoming entirely irrelevant. Individuals must also prepare for evolving network automation technologies; upskilling will be critical to enhance their own creativity, innovation and, ultimately, career development. 


The Juniper Engineering Network, or EngNet, addresses these foundational changes by providing the tools and resources to assist network operators on their automation journey, regardless of their prior exposure or experience. The vision of EngNet is to empower network operators with an open community where registered users can interact and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Centralized development resources, such as API documentation, virtual infrastructure, and learning portals break down traditional barriers and accelerate network application development. For example, network operators are no longer constrained by low-level scripts for device port settings. Instead, with the resource and infrastructure support provided by EngNet, they can design complex automation workflows for a multitude of network devices, opening doors to expose emerging organizational best practices like NREs.


Additionally, EngNet features an Application Exchange where network operators can publish their applications, creating a viable channel to share innovative network automation use cases.


To learn more about EngNet, please listen to our podcast featuring a panel of networking experts discussing the latest network automation trends. Additionally, register at EngNet and immediately engage with the broader networking community.


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