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Announcing Juniper Sky Enterprise for the Lean Enterprise
Jan 22, 2018


Is it true that back in the day, things were more simple? Seems to be the case when it comes to networking, so why have we drifted away from that?


At Juniper, we take pride and joy in engineering simplicity. The rate of increasing complexity from new devices, network traffic, and technological innovations is quickly outpacing lean IT teams to support the ever connected business with so much to do and such little time. Adding to that, manual deployments are no longer sustainable. Smaller budgets and talent shortages impede agility and lead to larger business risks. Automation with Juniper Sky Enterprise simplifies network management so IT teams can confidently reach the next level of performance and success.


Juniper Sky Enterprise is a subscription-based management service designed to abstract, simplify, and hide network complexity for branch and campus administrators using Juniper EX Series switches and SRX Series firewalls. As a SaaS management offering, IT administration is made easy - users simply log into a central dashboard to gain access to their network’s visibility and control. For monitoring and reporting, Sky Enterprise offers real-time visibility of network performance trends, key metrics, and potential security enterprise 1.png


What makes Juniper Sky Enterprise unique is that it is:

  • Simple: Deploy, configure and manage your EX and SRX devices through a beautifully designed web dashboard in no time. No matter the level of expertise of the user, Sky Enterprise is easy and straightforward to use without compromising any features.
  • Secure: Centralize policy management including next generation firewalls and secure router functions keep everyone and everything safe.
  • Open: Staying true to Juniper’s open architecture philosophy, Sky Enterprise is designed for multiplatform and multivendor devices, plus third party system integrations.

Deployment is as simple as receiving the device, powering it on, and letting Sky Enterprise take care of the rest. With ZTP for Juniper devices, deployments are quickly onboarded with minimal input from IT. Additionally, 24/7 global support boosts IT staff efficiency. An open architecture enables independence from vendors while a centralized portal enables better coordination across IT teams. Rest assured that the Sky Enterprise management software is always current and running on an elastic, reliable cloud infrastructure, ultimately improving your operations and keeping your budgets in check.

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Network management is made simple and easy with Juniper Sky Enterprise. Check out the following resources for additional details today.



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Mar 23, 2018

Hi Team,


We are happy to know about the new product of Juniper  Sky Enterprise with easy and simple GUI. can you explain the differences between Juniper Junos Space product and Sky Enterprise?