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Blockchain for Network Operators

Welcome to part 3 of our multi-part blog series on Blockchain - see part 2 here.


When any new technology emerges, particularly a technology such as Blockchain that many are predicting will ultimately lead to a fundamentally new kind of internet, our customers ask us some form of, “why should we care?” To supplement these conversations with our network service provider customers specifically, Juniper recently commissioned Disruptive Analysis to write a vision paper which delves into the question of what Blockchain means to network operators and what are the relevant use cases.


The truth is, Blockchain is still in a very embryonic state of exploration and experimentation, particularly when it comes to the network service provider space. Most Blockchain activity today is occurring in other segments such as financial services, government, health care, and supply chain. But one place to begin the investigation into what could be that Blockchain killer app for telco is to consider these areas where trust is needed in the telco (and cable) business:


Trust in Telco.png


The vast, complex web of transactions involved in delivering network service results in hundreds of “trust points” today and this number is only increasing as every network operator worldwide is seeking new revenue opportunities and many are slowly morphing into platform businesses. For some of the areas listed above, existing technologies and processes are efficient and well-proven so why fix what isn’t broken? But others are changing in various ways, as software and virtualization increasingly creep into the network, new business models emerge, and regulation evolves. This change creates opportunities for new technologies and new ways to solve problems.


Another way to think through the possibilities for network operators is to look at the intersection of blockchain capabilities with different network domains. Here’s a graphic of such a framework:


BC use cases w Telco intersection.png


Much of the telco activity in blockchain today is related to data integrity, identity management, and IoT (BTW, stay tuned for our forthcoming Blockchain and IoT blog mini-series), but we look forward to working with our customers over the next several years to develop business cases for a variety of blockchain insertion points and to test different network deployment scenarios. Read the new vision paper for a deeper discussion.


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