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Bridging Network-Native and Cloud-Native to Help DevSecOps Move Faster

I’m amazed at how the cloud trend is evolving, and I’m excited that we are moving into another era of change. As the cloud is rapidly becoming an integral part of business growth, the applications that run on the cloud are also changing. In the early cloud days, porting an application was common. Now, the performance and ease-of-use demanded by users make this a no-go. It’s time for applications to become “cloud-native” – designed from the ground up to run in a cloud environment!


At Juniper Networks, we’re focused on cloud-native implementations by further abstracting, segmenting, and distributing security policy enforcement with our Contrail SDN solution. By combining Contrail with real-time machine learning analytics and telemetry from AppFormix, we are enabling cloud operators to build a smarter container-based-cloud free from the historical time drag of networking and security implementations and configurations. Cloud operators are building this smarter, modernized cloud so that their DevSecOps teams can be more productive in developing cloud-native applications. We are not only making packets move more quickly, we are making DevSecOps move faster, enabling businesses to develop true cloud-native applications.


With this in mind, on February 14, 2017, Juniper announced that it has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Participating in CNCF accelerates our focus on enabling cloud-native applications by providing the “Intent-Driven Cloud” to cloud operators. By making the cloud “Intent-Driven,” DevSecOps teams can focus on quick application development with a network that keeps up with their pace of innovation.


What awaits us? Our first order of business for this exciting initiative will be to provide cloud operators with the tools they need to easily and seamlessly build, deploy, and manage cloud-native applications across many different infrastructures while maintaining application portability and reusability. You can stop by and meet with us at our booth (G7) at the upcoming CloudNativeCon + KubeCon event in Berlin.


This is just the beginning of a significant application transformation. We look forward to collaborating with other CNCF members in promoting and advancing innovation in this space. Are YOU ready to set off on your own journey and go cloud-native?


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