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Industry Solutions and Trends
Bringing Together AWS and Vodafone SD-WAN
Nov 27, 2018

The move to the cloud is the biggest trend in technology. It has drastically impacted the way that all applications are delivered, enabled new commercial models, made it easier than ever to enter new markets and scale business, changed how data is sorted, and unleashed the ability to use almost unlimited compute power with just a credit card.


Within enterprise networking the other major technology trend is the move to SD-WAN. By adopting SD-WAN enterprises are able to move to a software first mode of operation that enables zero touch deployment, the use of multiple connections in an application aware environment and the ability to deploy multiple virtual functions on a virtualized hardware platform. One Juniper Networks partner for SD-WAN is Vodafone, as discussed in a previous blog covering the announcement and showcasing a joint demo of the solution. 




At AWS re:Invent 2018, Vodafone and Juniper Networks announced the availability of virtual end-points for Vodafone SD-WAN within AWS. The solution uses the same underlying infrastructure as the other parts of the Vodafone SD-WAN service. However, instead of using a physical device at the customer site the solution deploys a secure SD-WAN endpoint (Juniper Networks vSRX Integrated Virtual Firewall) in AWS that is then connected back to the Vodafone global network.


As enterprises continue to increase the adoption of the cloud having SD-WAN end points in locations such as AWS will allow them to deliver a true end to end application aware network that includes public cloud, private cloud, and branch end points. All of this is being delivered via a mixture of public internet, private networks and mobile networks using 4G and 5G.


Key features of Vodafone SD-WAN in partnership with Juniper Networks include:


  • Global network (reaching 182 countries, over one million kilometers of fibre assets, with domestic MPLS networks in 18 markets across Europe, Middle East, APAC, a 26 country PAN Africa network, and a leading Global ISP backbone) that directly connects to 7 x AWS regions, with inbuilt encryption to safeguard critical data, all backed by 24/7 global support services.
  • Intelligent path routing that connects your branch locations directly to the most appropriate AWS region in order to meet application business policies.
  • WAN digital portal that allows end-to-end visibility of network usage and application performance, simplifying network management across physical and cloud environments. Optional complementary virtual network functions from NGN Firewalls to WAN optimization supporting public and private peering services in AWS
  • Interworking with existing customer networks via globally distributed gateways enabling easy transition paths to SD-WAN 


The video below shows the overall vision for Vodafone SD-WAN



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