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Industry Solutions and Trends
Business and NFV Has Never Been Easier…
Nov 3, 2015

We live in an age where it has never been easier to go from a concept to starting a new business.  Access to capital, application services built specifically to start a new business, and an endless supply of smart, knowledgeable and capable people is unprecedented. 


Despite all the advantages of such a favorable environment, however, a shocking 90% of new businesses still fail today.  That’s because having access to the tools required to create an agile environment is no guarantee of success; it’s only half the equation—you still need to execute. 


This situation is analogous to the generally held belief that NFV will bestow upon the service provider industry the agility to start fast and succeed profitability.  However, NFV alone is no magic elixir; it requires intelligent application and someone that can help service providers take full advantage of the technology.


That someone is Juniper.  And today, Juniper is delivering the yin of agility along with the yang of scale to NFV with its Cloud CPE solution.


The ability to scale is a critical element to snatching a new business from the clutches of defeat and growing it into a multi-billion dollar success.  Juniper’s Cloud CPE solution grants service providers the ability to scale managed business services using virtualization in a consistent and coherent operational model on premises with a new class of product called the NFX Series Network Services Platform.  At the same time, Juniper is also delivering success in the cloud with a complete management and orchestration Contrail software stack that is proven to scale (as evidenced by this article: AT&T Selects Juniper’s Contrail for Integrated Cloud). 


It’s no secret that scaling up is the secret sauce for small businesses looking to break through.  However, scaling out and scaling down are just as important.  Both businesses and NFV must be able to scale in three dimensions, and that requires an unshakable commitment to simplifying the creation process for goods and services, as well as automating every possible aspect of their business.


Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) is a common phrase in the business world.  But that’s often easier said than done.  For instance, a common mistake that frequently leads new businesses to fail is losing sight of market needs and not iterating their products or services to meet customer expectations.  Sounds simple, right?  It’s no different in the world of NFV: ideating new services sounds like a simple task, but no one has been able to define how to actually do it.  Lucky for service providers, Juniper’s Contrail Service Orchestration is simplifying service creation with a new application called Network Service Designer.



With an intuitive and elegant user interface, Contrail Service Orchestration makes it easier than ever to create new managed business services for both Fortune 500 enterprises and new small businesses looking for a secure cloud service to scale their business.  Keeping it simple is very important in order to scale, but automation is the secret ingredient that new businesses and NFV can’t get enough of.


Operational efficiency is the catalyst that any entrepreneur who achieved escape velocity from the vortex of becoming one of the failed 90% would say.  This operation efficiency can be described in one word: automation.  In today’s business environment, it is critical for new businesses to automate as much of their business as possible in order to scale.  Automation keeps new businesses focused, sharp, and agile.  Automation also brings the promise of NFV to life; it enables service providers to offer personalized business services to their clientele, giving them the power to opt in or out as they see fit. 


Juniper’s Cloud CPE solution has completely automated the entire service delivery life-cycle—no matter if it starts on the customer premises or exists in the cloud.  Service providers can now focus on becoming more agile, like the entrepreneurial spirit of a new business, with a Cloud CPE solution that makes it easier than ever to create and deliver new services that will bring different levels of connectivity and empowerment for decades to come.