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Industry Solutions and Trends
Cloud Cover: Juniper Helps Customers Power the Cloud Transformation
Jan 5, 2017

It’s no secret that there is a major transformation underway as the industry moves to the cloud with automation at the forefront, as this is the only way the networking industry can scale for the long term. However, cloud and cloud services will only be successful if the network that connects to consumers is capable of delivering the experience end users require.  For example, if it wasn’t for the wide area network now running on high-performance routers, we would still be watching videos at home by putting little silver disks in DVD players!  As an industry, we’ve thankfully moved beyond this with streaming data services from cloud data centers over high-performance networks that must continue to scale.


Juniper understands this.  As we head full steam into 2017, Juniper is well positioned as the pure-play innovator in IP networking with the right strategy, products and solutions with leading scale, performance and automation to best serve our customers.  As the world continues to move rapidly to the cloud, we believe that the market is shifting in our favor and will help us accelerate our strategy to power the cloud transformation.


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