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Industry Solutions and Trends
Cost, Risk & Agility - key business drivers for FSI
Jun 6, 2016

It has been an amazing experience to strategize with senior leadership within Juniper’s financial services industry vertical customers and Juniper’s executive team. While our customer’s organizations are trying to maintain the momentum in the market and compete, there was a distinct openness to learn from each other’s experiences and challenges.


As business leaders, and thought leaders for our industry – the spend by our resulting in business thrusts, and the need for technology could be categorized into a simple three (3) letter acronym – CRA. Cost, Risk and Agility.  The complexities of the running technologies for the world’s largest financial institutions, the circle of technologist’s life, the complex behavior of today’s entire business getting summarized in three (3) simple letters – CRA! Just like the most complex protocols in the world are represented by acronyms, TCP, UDP, SIP, 3G, 5G, LTE, SNMP etc., and the most complex regulations are represented by words like MiFID, EFTA, FOIA, PCI DSS etc. Simplification processes, next gen financial services, regulatory & security concerns are epitomized by CRA!


Cost of doing business is completely depended on the right balance of CAPEX, OPEX and other business models. Consolidation of Data Centres; outsourcing/insourcing of the network operations/design/architecture; automating business operations to mitigate the risk with compliance and regulations; leveraging cloud not only for DevOps but beyond; cost of new regulations (like MiFID or RHOS) on network design (e.g. PTP) – are just few examples of how cost is influencing technical decisions and business impacts. Cost arbitration is a megatrend that our customers and us have to address collectively


Risk, of security vulnerabilities; impact of new regulations and compliance challenges in mitigating the business impacts; cyber security – any device, anywhere, any information; managing the risk of doing business over cloud or getting right analytics to predict the technology trend – are just some of the key areas where our clients are looking to balance technical desire, business needs, projected risks and ever demanding change


Agility is key for remaining competitive and yet delivering the value add for the ever changing business and client base. DevOps by leveraging hybrid cloud; automation everywhere; realizing the promise of hyper scale; dynamic new plethora of technologies such as containers; accommodating the expectations being set by web2.0 companies in influencing the millennial.


Interestingly, as a challenger to the market – Juniper has always been the disruptor. Disruptor in assisting our clients leverage dynamic business models (like Pay-as-you-grow). Disruptor in providing open, scalable and standards based products enabling our interoperable (not lock in) strategy. Disruptor by being a thought leader and innovator in the software define secure network and changing the way cyber security, data centre security and network security ties in with applications/services and telemetry to provide a comprehensive scalable strategy. 


Over the next few weeks/months – we plan to continue to extend our relationships with our customers/partners and share our reference architectures and designs, along with focused sessions on various technologies/business trends such as Security & Hybrid Cloud, Automation, Cyber security, WAN and DC architectures, new business models – such as pay as you grow, service provider influenced services and support.


We look forward to partner with our customers to ensure mutual successes by sharing each others challenges and working together on viable solutions to address their CRA concerns.

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