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Creating Europe’s fastest hacker camp ‘ever’
Aug 31, 2017

Our philosophy is to connect everything and empower everyone. This is why we support events like SHA2017 and CCC, that bring together industry experts in the field to build networks and share insights.


SHA2017, one of Europe’s largest hackathon campsites, is organized every four years in the Netherlands since 1989. The program includes lectures on security, but also many other topics such as privacy, music, film, copyrights and legal intercept. This year’s edition hosted over 3,500 white hat hackers from across the whole world.


This year, Juniper offered SHA2017 organisation to help build the fastest network they could wish for. We facilitated a 100Gbit connection with Nikhef’s data center in Amsterdam, one of the largest internet hubs in Europe, based on Juniper Networks MX240 equipment, enabling to connect with uplink partners. With the help of UNET and Juniper, a dark fiber connection was used to bridge a distance from the Scouting Landgoed in Zeewolde – where SHA2017 was being held - to Nikhef at the Science Park in Amsterdam, 59 kilometers away. The SHA2017 organization was very happy to be able to run a very high bandwidth network for the hackers and provide video streams for the people who couldn’t make it.


The event prides itself in offering its audience that exists of primarily white hat hackers, 1GBit or 10GBit connections to their tents on the campsite. Some of the visitors arrived by boat that they were able to dock in ‘the SHA2017 Safe Harbour’. Those visitors were offered a ‘fiber to the boat’ connection. Thanks to the 100Gbit connection, the event organizer could offer seamless live video streaming of the talks at the event without the use of a content delivery platform. These were watched by up to thousands of non-visitors per stream.


In Juniper’s view – and in my personal opinion – the only way to successfully battle cybercrime is by truly working together and sharing intelligence.




SHA2017 MX240.jpgSHA2017 MX240 100Gb

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