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Delight Your Customers. Introducing the Juniper Cloud-Enabled Branch
Jul 29, 2016

CEB store fronts.jpgThe growth of today’s enterprises requires network modernization tools that not only simplify and speed up business expansion, but also make it easier for employees to get their job done. But, the reality is that to-date there has been a lack of comprehensive, cutting-edge solution suites that can make this happen.


To enable digital businesses, Juniper has announced Cloud-Enabled Branch, our newest solution that allows organizations to get their new branch locations up and running anytime, anyplace.  The Cloud-Enabled Branch solution also helps businesses apply updates and security policies consistently across locations – so, a clothing retailer in Boise, Idaho has the same level of network security as the storefront in Tampa, Florida. Juniper is transforming how Enterprise customers manage service creation and delivery to the branch.


Let’s see it in action.

For example, let’s say you run IT for a major grocery chain and just found out the company plans to open 50 new locations next year. With Cloud-Enabled Branch, you can provide the technology infrastructure needed at all 50 locations from the convenience of your office.


To support distributed businesses, the Cloud-Enabled Branch, including SD-WAN with application-aware routing, offers the ability to deliver a consistent and secure user experience across all branch locations, enabling each location to take advantage of cloud hosted applications.


Referring back to the grocer example, you wouldn’t want customers that visit your location in your Nashville, Tennessee store location to have a worse experience than those in your San Diego store location. Let’s think about it for a minute.


Your customer calls San Diego home and frequents your grocery store. When he walks in, he connects to the store WiFi, downloads the latest coupons from his coupon-clipping app, and streams his favorite music channel while filling his cart. When he gets to the checkout lane, he quickly makes his way through thanks to the store’s speedy Point of Sale (POS) platform. He pays with his credit card, via the new Chip-Card payment method, and is on his way.


Fast forward two months and the same customer is visiting family in Nashville. He swings by the same grocery store chain to pick up some dinner supplies, only to discover there’s no WiFi (he’s maxed out his data plan for the month). Now he’s stuck paying full-price for his groceries, and what’s worse, he has to listen to the smooth jazz blaring over the loudspeakers. When he goes to pay for his groceries, he gets stuck in a long line because the POS system is down and the cashier is manually adding up guests’ items. Then, he has to take out cash at the ATM to pay for his groceries. So much for the positive experiences he’s been having in San Diego! Your brand image is now tainted in his mind.


The new solution suite is part of Juniper Networks Unite. Announced last fall, Juniper Unite provides a foundation to build an agile and secure network for enterprises looking to quickly deploy cloud applications and services in a streamlined manner. This is done through cutting-edge switching, security and routing products as well as software technologies and third-party solutions through the Open Convergence Framework (OCF).


By offering a flexible and open architecture, Cloud-Enabled Branch will transform enterprise operations through new services and applications. Now your grocery customer gets the same delightful experience at any of your store locations.


Learn more by visiting the Juniper Cloud-Enabled Branch solution page on and also check out these resources: