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Industry Solutions and Trends
Evolve or fade away: How Broadcast & Media Production is Embracing Digital Transformation
Sep 15, 2017

The move from traditional SDI to IP (Internet Protocol) to produce and distribute content is often mooted as part of the solution to these challenges. And, with the latest improvements in technology, the lower costs of deployment and the a move to IP can deliver, there has never been a better time than now to consider making the transition.

You want to build more than an IP network – you want to create a safe, reliable and fast environment that protects your digital assets while at the same time distributing them to authorized partners, users, and subscribers.

Optimize your perfomance

The requirements for a trusted and stable production network should not be underestimated in an industry where downtime is never acceptable, particularly when it comes to critical use cases like live production. Therefore, as with any new technology introduced into the broadcast network, consideration needs to be made regarding its performance and reliability. 


The need for speed
Will the IP network you have chosen gives you the speed and bandwidth you require. And Real-time IP flows are fully dependent on the network, ensure your IP system gives you insight into controlling content flows. Ensure your move to IP includes Technology that facilitates full redundancy, hot swapping of device elements and in-service software upgrades.

The media and broadcast industry’s embrace of IP-based infrastructure is no longer just a future possibility; it is a reality today.



IBC2017 IP Showcase
Juniper Networks is pleased to announce our participation in the live IP Production Network Interoperability event at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam, 15-19 September.

The partners behind this IP Showcase - AES, AIMS, AMWA, EBU, IABM, MNA, SMPTE, and VSF - have come together with IBC to deliver a one-stop destination where everyone from broadcast/IT engineers and CEOs to TV producers can learn everything they need to know to unlock the full potential of using IP for real-time media.

Using the full potential of IP in real-time media
The IP Showcase will showcase the operation of TV studio infrastructure running over an IP network and prove conformity to the SMPTE 2110 suite of standards. Over 40 vendors will participate in the demonstration, which will feature the Juniper Networks QFX Series switches interworking with other vendor switches and media equipment devices. The media equipment devices connected to the QFX Series and other vendor switches provide the source and destination endpoints for the audio and video flows in the demonstration.

Using the full potential of IP in real-time media, ST 2110 represents a good example how media can be handled, processed and transmitted. To give IBC visitors more information of how the standards work, the IP Showcase will feature various interoperability demonstrations, including different signal flows.

Juniper Supports Broadcast Cloud-Based TV Production Services
NEP the Dutch broadcasting production company has one of the world’s first deployments of IP-based Live Production. They wanted to extend its content delivery network (CDN) to scale its delivery of high-quality TV and VoD content, including Dutch premier league football. Juniper Networks has helped the company move its production systems and workflows to a cloud-based IP platform, while maintaining the highest levels of broadcast quality, security and reliability for its customers. See press release here.

Enabling Advanced Cloud Native Media Operations
Sony will also be showcasing at IBC2017 how it’s helping professional broadcast customers drive efficiencies and increase flexibility by switching to advanced cloud native media operations. Sony is doing this in two major ways, by supporting customers to manage the migration from SDI/hardware based infrastructure to an IP world, and by building applications and production platforms that reside completely in the cloud. At IBC2017 Sony will set up a remote connection between London and Amsterdam to showcase Live IP content powered by Juniper Networks. See the Sony demo video here.

We are looking forward to meet you at the IP Showcase at IBC2017.


By Sergio Fickel, Marketing Lead Media & Broadcast EMEA, Juniper Networks