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Technology is more than just networking and Juniper experts share their views on all the trends affecting IT
Industry Solutions and Trends
How will Digital Cohesion impact the Service Provider space?

Throughout history, people have had to adapt to technology, and that technology - having to be continuously maintained and pieced together by the user - has evolved into many separate applications and experiences. Digital Cohesion is Juniper Networks’ vision of the world, where applications combine into mega-services that automatically and continually adapt to the way the individual behaves.


In a world where users interact with mega-services - and not with individual applications that compose them - any business is running the risk of being left behind. Imagine a mega-service that assists you in deciding what you will have for dinner. If you run a grocery store, you want to make sure that your application is part of this mega-service, otherwise your products won’t sell!


Any business within any industry should be asking themselves the question of what role they want to play in the future Digital Cohesion era. And subsequently, they should be asking themselves what changes they need to make to become a player that can win.


Service Providers will play a key role, since communications and infrastructure are fundamental to Digital Cohesion. However, it will be important for Service Providers to consider what role to play. 


Considering all the options, we have identified three main plays Service Providers can adopt in the era of Digital Cohesion:


                                      SP Digital Cohesion.png


  1. Infrastructure Provider to Mega-Services: Service Providers in this category should align their services accordingly to provide efficient, seamless connectivity and infrastructure on-demand, easy to integrate into the mega-services.
  2. Digital Provider to Mega-Services: Service Providers in this category should create digital services that can be integrated with the mega-service, such as security and analytics. This also includes voice, video or messaging, but over time Service Provider Big Data and APIs will represent a huge asset.
  3. Provider of Mega-Services: Service Providers in this category will be assembling and driving new mega-services themselves. Users will interact directly with them and will be able perform complex actions that will span outside traditional Service Provider’s role. Traditional services in combination with external data and applications, will make this possible. Examples can be found in cognitive telecommunications infrastructure deployment based on external events (e.g. metrological data, road traffic, emergencies…).


Whichever role  your company choses, a profound transformation of your business will be needed. At Juniper, we understand this is not an easy, and we have mapped below some of the different tasks required,  depending on your final destination.


        Digital Cohesion Journey.png


Juniper Cloud-Grade Networks provides a framework that defines how Service Providers must architect their networks to compete in the Digital Cohesion era.


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