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I know what’s missing in your datacenter
Sep 4, 2016

That’s a big claim in what is a mercifully short blog.  The answer to my comment?




I am sure that as you research and look for ideas and solutions to your own Datacentre needs you see a number of claims and positions from just about every vendor.  Question is, what do you believe?


What if those comments and positions came from people in jobs and with roles just like you?  And working for companies just like yours’?  Similar people, in similar roles in similar companies telling you what they found from their experiences with a vendor, straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak?


Well, to invoke a Monopoly analogy, do not go to the vendor webinar, do not go to the vendor website go straight to the attached IDC whitepaper.


The question you may have on your mind now is why should I do that?


Well, let’s take a quick look at the some of the main feedback those customers gave in terms of the benefits of working with Juniper Networks in their datacenter.


  • IT networking staff spend almost 40% less time on keeping the lights on with Juniper’s solutions.
  • On an annual basis, the companies interviewed saved €5,616 per 100 users by increasing the productivity of IT staff.
  • Juniper networking and security solutions enabled customers to reduce their lost user productivity by 86%.
  • Companies were able to reduce their total cost of networking by 33% and at the same time enhance virtualization support.
  • IDC found that customers that implemented Juniper networking and security solutions were able to realize a 349% return on their initial investment.

Some impressive numbers and benefits expressed, the details behind which are within the paper. 


In the paper summary on page 1, IDC comment on Juniper Networks’ overall approach to networking which does I think, sum up our position well and sits at the heart of some of the data points gathered from customers.


Juniper Networks’ technology development is focused on responding to the challenges of contemporary networking deployments by implementing three main technology approaches:

  • Introduction of flattened network architectures, optimized for improved performance in north-south and east-west directions
  • Robust and versatile implementation of SDN via its Contrail SDN controller, or support for overlay technologies such as VMware NSX and OpenStack’s Neutron
  • Strong support for open networking and network appliance disaggregation, giving customers the option of combining Juniper hardware with other network operating systems

Good reading and if you want to know more about our approach to Datacentre Networking, Juniper Networks is running a series called the Open Disruptive Decade in Europe and the Middle East through October to December 2016, focused on Open Datacentre Networking. 


Please do register at the site here


Alternatively, take a look at our Datacentre Solutions page here.


This could just be the ‘get out of jail free’ card you have been looking for.


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