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Innovation from Nyherji to deliver Iceland’s first Software-Defined IT Infrastructure

I visited Iceland for the first time a couple of weeks back. What a fascinating country, and completely different from places that I have seen in Europe. Iceland has got a great advantage of natural resources such as geothermal energy, natural air cooling and water, which the nation take big benefits from. From small businesses to large ones, they are aware of the unique natural gift they have got and are using it very effectively, reducing their energy costs. This positions the country as a sustainable, green location for data centers with zero-carbon footprint!


Iceland has a very small population of around 300,000 people, with individuals and businesses very much on top of the latest innovation and technology. A simple example is that you don’t have to carry cash at all, because, from hot-dog stands to every taxi in the country, everyone accepts debit/credit cards!


The purpose of my Iceland trip was a customer story film shoot with Nyherji, provider of information technology solutions, offering hardware, software, consultancy and technical services. Two great days with the Nyherji team, and I had a fascinating insight into its business. Nyherji is the first name that people think of in Iceland when they think of IT infrastructure. It provides its customers with power efficient IT infrastructure either on-site or in its own data center, interconnected by its own network core. It also provides Internet access along with more advanced security services. As one of Nyherji’s major business offers is to reduce data center operating costs, Juniper’s QFX solution was a great fit for their objectives as it is designed to consume the lowest power possible while optimizing space.


During our filming, we visited Nyherji’s offices and data center. The team outlined their objective before they made their technology/business decision, their challenges, why they chose Juniper and VMware NSX technology and the results of their deployments.


Nyherji, in essence, wanted to upgrade its network in order to keep ahead of its business growth and customers' evolving requirements. They saw this upgrade as an opportunity to take advantage of SDN technology, realizing that SDN could help transform its operational environment, lower costs and move to fully automated provisioning for customers. Its goal was to build the first true SDN network in the country and it realized its vision with Juniper’s SDN-ready solutions.


The Nyherji team had to re-think its approach to building a future-proof network, by embracing technology innovation to solve these challenges and take the business forward. It was looking for a high performance platform that could help address the growing “need for speed” from customers.


So, how did Juniper support Nyherji? The organization supports over fifty percent of the VMware market in Iceland. It is a specialist in VMware data center technology. It is important to Nyherji that any network solution adhered to open standards and could easily be integrated into VMware's systems such as VMware NSX, VMware’s network virtualization platform for the software-defined data center. They saw great benefits from Juniper's proven integration with VMware NSX. How about the solution itself? Nyherji utilized Juniper Networks MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers and QFX5100 Ethernet Switches.


Result? Now the network is connected with tens of gigabits to terabits of capacity, Nyherji customers are benefitting from much higher performance without sacrificing reliability. The virtualized architecture of Juniper switching platforms means the network operating system operates independently from the hardware, making it more robust and scalable.


With the new network showing positive results, Nýherji now plans to offer Juniper technology to its own customers in the Icelandic market, making it the first Juniper partner located in Iceland!


Juniper's open network architecture, integrated with VMware’s NSX, will enable a software-defined network that the company can orchestrate in conjunction with the software-defined data center. SDN will enable Nyherji to bring a new generation of VMware-based cloud services to the market in Iceland. It will reduce its operational costs with network automation, and pass on that business value to its customers.


To find out more about Nyherji's story click here.

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BIt off topic, but data centers in iceland are another way of them exploiting their natural resources. Geothermal gives them lots of cheap energy which you can export virtually via a fibre optic link once the server has processed the data


Cheap power is also a big driver of their industiral economy as well see this link about theier aluminium industry 

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