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Industry Solutions and Trends
Jul 7, 2015

It was a great week for me as I hosted our twice-a-year Proof of Concept (PoC) Press event in Amsterdam on 24-25th June.  Our event started with a press dinner at one of the most beautiful countryside restaurants with amazing lake views, Westeinder Paviljoen. Great location to have a relaxing evening, especially when our small group of journalists and spokespeople didn’t know each other, so needed a peaceful environment and the venue just did that! Then, in contrast, we followed this with a very early start agenda the next day. It was great to catch up with people that I already knew and meet with the ones that I hadn’t ever met face to face and learn more about them.


First on the agenda was Nigel Oakley, director of EMEA Cloud-building Centre of Excellence at Juniper Networks and he talked about digital businesses and how intelligent data center technology can support creating flawless customer experience and drive business. He then introduced Said van de Klundert from our customer Interconnect, who explained the latest trends, opportunities and challenges European organisations are facing around data center technology and how they use Juniper’s MetaFabric solution. Nigel followed up with a Q&A session between customer and the audience where we had a lot of questions around the implementation of the project itself and the business success they had as a result.


Next up was Rick Mur, senior systems engineer at Juniper Networks. His session focused on how Juniper Networks supports digital enterprises by simplifying, automating, virtualizing and securing the data center as enterprises and service providers move away from complex and rigid physical-only architectures, and deep dived into Juniper’s MetaFabric Architecture.


Rick also announced the latest member of our Converged Supercore router family and industry’s most compact core router, PTX1000. This router proves Juniper’s dedication to innovation and meeting customer demands; it offers telecom service and cloud content providers a new level of scale and cost control dispersed across the core of the network.

Finally, one of the most interesting parts of the day was our guided tour of the lab by Maria Caraballo, PoC Manager, showing how our customers test their unique network design in a risk-free environment.  The PoC Lab is an open environment that ensures customers have access to the best demonstration resources possible. This open approach enables our customers to connect remotely and perform testing, and also bring their existing platforms for integration testing with Juniper as their projects progress. In figures, Juniper’s EMEA PoC supported more than $65 million worth of opportunities in Q1 2015 and more than $100 million in 2014 spread between 100+ tests and over 1,200 visitors. The location is equipped to host up to five different customers simultaneously on site while preparing for up to another ten in

the background.



What an amazing day! We had great presenters and very topical content shared. It was great hosting the event to a multi-national audience with journalists from the UK, France and the Netherlands. The group was truly social throughout the event, with tweets coming live and photos and videos shared on various social media platforms(Twitter: #dcpoclab).  I’m already looking forward to the next one!


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