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JumpStart the Cloud
Jan 31, 2017

IT today is faced with a dual challenge: Make IT a competitive differentiator and a business growth enabler. Or go home. That’s pretty clear. What’s also clear today is that the multi-hybrid cloud approach to transforming the data center is the winning strategy to beat the odds.


That’s where Juniper Networks Unite architecture comes in. We Introduced Juniper Unite in 2015 as an architecture for the entire enterprise – including data center, campus and branch – to give organizations the tools to design and build environments that bring all three together to meet their specific needs.



Slide1.pngToday’s Unite Cloud for the Data Center announcement broadens the architecture to further simplify the creation and management of hybrid, multi-cloud data centers. We’re introducing an enhanced Junos® Space Network Director management tool, which leverages advanced automation to analyze and control data centers, and the new Juniper Networks® QFX5110 switch with 100 GB capabilities to scale with evolving bandwidth demands.


We recognize that deploying such an environment– while keeping costs down – is incredibly complex. That’s why we’re adding the Contrail JumpStart Program to our Professional Services portfolio.


JumpStart services provide proven, cost efficient, pre-tested approaches to successfully deploying Juniper’s software-defined networking (SDN) solution, providing customers with an open, automated pathway to the cloud.


JumpStart services are soup-to-nuts. They include installation and configuration for the software in a pre-defined environment, plus transfer of knowledge for the customer so they can start using and gaining experience with the software before full production deployment. Additionally, they provide post-installation support to address environment-specific questions and issues during the early implementation process.


For Juniper partners, this is an opportunity to include services in their portfolios, along with the QFX5110 switch and Space Network Director, to help ease customer adoption of complex solutions, minimize the risk of deployment, and enhance the customer experience. Partners will be able to sell JumpStart services immediately.


If you’re unfamiliar with the Unite architecture and want to learn more about JumpStart services, the following JumpStart data sheets will give you a good overview:


Sky ATP:

Contrail Cloud Platform:

Contrail Networking:


Cloud CPE:


As always, our goal is to help make our partners as profitable as possible. JumpStart services is another tool in their toolboxes. More detail on JumpStart services is available on Partner Center. And watch this space for more news on how JumpStart services can continue to benefit partners.


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