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Juniper Networks’ Services Are Now Available in AWS GovCloud. Here’s What that Means for Government Agencies...
Aug 29, 2017

The concept of “running a government like a business” has been around for decades, but the idea has really started to gain traction among government IT teams over the past couple of years. During that timeframe, we’ve seen agencies at the federal, state and local levels begin to adopt Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) -- just like their commercial counterparts before them. The General Services Administration (GSA) has brought a start-up mentality to the U.S. government and has helped other agencies become more agile and innovative while maintaining compliance with Federal regulations.


At Juniper Networks, we’re excited to enable digital transformation -- but that means more than just producing products. It also involves continually striving to make it easier for federal agencies to purchase and deploy the solutions and services they need to modernize their network infrastructures to better handle current and future needs.


That’s why we’re proud to announce that, beginning today, Juniper Networks® vSRX Virtual Firewall and vMX Virtual Router are available on AWS GovCloud, Amazon’s isolated AWS platform designed to host sensitive data and regulated workloads in the cloud. U.S. government agencies can use Amazon’s new government-specific region to procure and use vSRX and vMX to manage their AWS workloads. The vSRX provides unified protection for workloads in both private and public clouds, while vMX creates secure connections to the public cloud and moves data securely between AWS availability zones.


Benefits to Government Agencies


vSRX Virtual Firewall and vMX Virtual Router are available on the commercial AWS Marketplace, but their introduction to the AWS GovCloud region brings some unique government-specific benefits:


  • Customers who purchase vSRX or vMX from Juniper Networks, or already have their own licenses for these offerings, can bring those licenses with them to AWS GovCloud. Customers can also opt to purchase the vSRX Virtual Firewall and vMX Virtual Router from AWS and pay hourly or annually, thereby avoiding significant upfront costs.
  • Agencies that must comply with FedRAMP, ITAR, HIPAA and other regulations can now use Juniper Networks offerings in a region built specifically with those compliance frameworks in mind.
  • Each offering has gone through Amazon’s rigorous testing process, ensuring optimal functionality, performance, and lock-down security, all of which are important for agencies handling sensitive data and large-scale workloads.


Further, availability on AWS GovCloud makes it easy for government customers to provision and use Juniper Networks’ offerings in their Amazon virtual private clouds. Before, agencies would need to go through the commercial AWS Marketplace and have the solutions vetted, whitelisted, and, finally, uploaded. Now, they simply need to log into their AWS GovCloud portal, select their preferred offerings and payment models, and spin up. Additionally, the vSRX and vMX both work with Amazon’s Transit VPC Solution, which allows organizations to connect multiple Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) to a common VPC serving as a global network transit center.


Extending the Juniper Networks/Amazon Relationship


The introduction of Juniper Networks offerings on AWS GovCloud is a natural extension of our established and successful relationship with Amazon. In addition to having our products available on the AWS Marketplace since late last year, Juniper Networks is proud to be one of Amazon’s AWS “all-in” partners.


What that means is that we enable our customers to be cloud-first, helping our customers to migrate workloads running on-premise to both public cloud and private cloud with deep expertise in building hybrid cloud environments. Knowledge and expertise in AWS is important, especially given the continued growth of AWS in the public sector. As such, we understand how to combine Juniper Networks’ carrier-grade offerings with the enterprise-grade flexibility of AWS to provide true value, power, and innovation to our government customers.


We’re thrilled to be providing all of those attributes now through the new AWS GovCloud. By offering vSRX Virtual Firewall and vMX Virtual Router in this new region, we are giving government customers the same level of security and speed that once could be found only in an on-premise data center. In doing so, we are continuing to fulfill our promise to help agencies move beyond legacy networking technologies into modern, cloud-based, virtual network environments.

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