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Industry Solutions and Trends
Juniper Networks: “Transforming the Craft of Marketing”
Jun 17, 2016

Recently, our CMO Mike Marcellin had the pleasure of speaking with Kathleen Schaub and Andrew LeClair about the opportunity that marketers today have to evolve from functional marketers to business leaders within their organizations. This shift can already be seen within Juniper’s marketing team, and in fact, we’ve already been able to see the benefits.


“Based on the strategies described in this interview, IDC believes that Juniper can provide unique and leverage-able insights to companies with a similar business model undergoing a similar transformation effort.” – Schaub and LeClair, IDC


You can read more from this report here, but below are some highlights from Marcellin’s conversation with IDC:


Sharing differentiated stories20151211_Mike_Marcellin_0016_WEB.jpgMike Marcellin, CMO, Juniper Networks


“The accelerating development and rapid adoption of digital technologies is changing both the substance of business and customers’ buying habits. To keep pace, and certainly to lead, we needed to elevate the conversation with our customers and demonstrate the business impact of networking for them.” – Mike Marcellin


“Customers need compelling stories and we’ve aligned our storytelling to our primary markets. We’re focused on sharing differentiated stories that matter to decision makers and advocates in our four main markets--data center / cloud, Service Provider network transformation, security, and enterprise network transformation. This gives us the chance to increase our air cover in the areas that matter most to our business, and create a more unified voice and presence in the marketplace.”


My summary: Customers are the focus of any business operative and with changing technologies and marketplaces, Juniper’s marketing team continues to align with market transitions to service our customers effectively.


Memorable digital experience is key


“As a marketing organization, we’re now looking at how we progress the customer relationship—from initial contact via search or earned media to digital touch points, all intertwined with direct touch sales engagement. Our metrics reflect every contribution from the marketing organization leading to both influence and to the sale. And we are always looking at how we optimize our efforts to gain the greatest value for the dollar throughout the journey.”


“Customer intelligence and analytics provide us with insights that support all of our marketing initiatives as well as our sales efforts. Likewise, we are establishing an integrated and consolidated web experience to improve the customer journey. Doing so shines a light onto both unknown and known visitors and enables us to provide more relevant information and experiences throughout each customer’s digital journey.”


“A mantra we use is: “Digital experience is the battleground for the future.” Our customers are forming opinions on our brand and solutions even before they are actively “shopping.” Creating remarkable digital experiences is key to driving more conversion throughout the relationship lifecycle.”


My summary: Numbers, metrics, data – by researching our customers, tracking our performance and analyzing this data, Juniper’s marketing is always one step ahead of the curve with understanding our customers, creating a more holistic customer experience and determining how best to support our sales field.


Marketing as a change agent


“We needed to shift to “go mode” all the time -- continually improving upon our demand generation, sales enablement, and business reporting functions. Marketing needs to be actively contributing to top line initiatives.”


“Marketing is the prime example of a function that is in constant reinvention, and that’s good since we can be a change agent that helps to both inform and transform the business. To lead that change, it’s critical to understand the fundamentals of marketing, maintain and instill a business-first mindset, and be the catalyst for change. In time of transformation, don't be afraid to disrupt yourselves. It may be uncomfortable, but if you don’t, your competition will.”


My summary: Here at Juniper we strive to be innovators of change. This entails understanding our markets, its technologies, customers, and ulterior factors and influences to innovatively create new ways to progress it forward. We’re all about challenging the status quo. We’re not afraid of change, we’re embracing it and leading the transformation for our customers!

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