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Industry Solutions and Trends
Make blogging your New Year’s Resolution for 2015!
Jan 2, 2015

Storytelling helps to convey events, your expertise and experiences into words, images and videos. Stories have been shared in every culture since the beginning of civilisation as a means of entertainment, education and development, cultural preservation and instilling moral values. As an organisation Juniper Networks’ has many powerful stories that its customers and partners have experienced with its products and services, so I would like to hear your stories and help publish these out to a wider audience by sharing these great experiences via blog posts. Blogging is the fastest and most effective way to share stories and experiences. So, what’s stopping you from blogging?


Action: Call for Guest Bloggers


Blogs that are successful are those that are kept fresh, regularly updated and cover different viewpoints on different topics and educate the community. With the support of many, including experiences shared by employees, customer and partners 2014 was a great year for Juniper in terms of blogging, there were several customer, partner and industry expert guest blogs published and I want to continue this momentum during 2015, so hence my call for guest bloggers on the Industry Solutions and Trends blog.


Do you have an interesting Juniper Networks story to tell? Are you a Juniper Networks customer? Are you a Juniper Networks partner? Are you an industry expert? Then I want to hear from you, I’m looking for guest bloggers within EMEA Blog Image New Years Resolutions 2015.JPGto share their Juniper stories, expertise and knowledge on our Industry Solutions and Trends blog. If you feel you can contribute and help story tell with Juniper, then please get in touch with me (Zoe Sands). I’m always on the lookout for great stories to share. I’m not looking for literary masterpieces, but I am looking for real life stories and experiences they can be formulated into a 300 to 500 words including images and or videos. So if this sparks an interest get in touch with me.


So, have I convinced you to start blogging during 2015?


I look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your guest blog.



Happy New Year everyone!