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Many hands make NFV work

Recently we have been part of a big step forward toward the vision of a modern virtualised network infrastructure, as part of the official launch of a multi-vendor alliance. Led by Atos, the group also consists of representatives from Dell EMC, Intel, Red Hat and VMware. It has the specific goal of showing how Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) can help optimise network and business performance based on known and measured performance.




While many organisations and service providers understand the benefits of NFV, the requirements to set up such an infrastructure are often seen as a major hurdle to adoption. By combining the expertise and components from each of the members, we have been able to build proof-of-concept lab that shows exactly how this can be done – using ‘off the shelf’ products – and verifies the potential benefits that this approach brings accelerating the adoption and implementation of NFV.


Around the world, we have seen the rise of the ‘platform economy’ whereby cutting-edge businesses are built on platforms that create two-sided markets and revolutionising the way we do business. These platform businesses are more profitable, experience faster growth, have higher return on assets and lower marginal costs. But while this approach has been quickly adopted by start-ups, it is the service providers who are well positioned to adopt this model as a way of connecting producers and consumers.


NFV and Telco Clouds offer a clear path for telcos to go ‘beyond the pipe’ by becoming a trusted and secure platform new consumer services as well as smart city infrastructure and IoT connectivity. These organisations already have the core infrastructure and the billing and customer relationships; NFV provides them with the ability to deliver these new services and opportunities in much more effective, scalable, faster and flexible way.


With each of the specific sets of products and expertise, this alliance enables to offer proof positive of how and why service providers can and should make the transition from traditional to more virtualised network infrastructure.


For a deeper dive into this what this alliance means and what each member brings to the table you can watch a recording of the launch event here


Dear Sir/Madam I have a Switch EX3300 using firmware 12.3R3.4. But there is some errors CVE existed in this version, so I want to update it to 12.3R12. However,in my equipment has options the layer 3 is routing. Therefore I just wonder that whether layer 3 functions are gonna be lost after this updating or not? And is there any impact to the license of equipment? , THank you very much

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The better place to put questions is over on the discussion forums.  The Switching one in particular for this issue.


Licensing on Junos devices is preserved on the box during the upgrade processes and does not need to be reapplied.

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