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National Education and Research IT Provider Transforms Its Core Network for Massive Data Growth
Nov 17, 2016

It is key for leading research organisations to manage increasing demand for user traffic and provide high speed connectivity up to 100GbE, with capacity to grow and generate greater volumes of data and collaboration. Juniper Networks helps these organisations to transform their networks and provide cutting-edge excellence for the advanced research and education sector.


One of Juniper’s customers CSC - the IT Center for Science Ltd - runs the centralized IT infrastructure for Finland's education and research organizations, as well as libraries, archives, museums and cultural organizations. CSC’s infrastructure includes Funet (Finnish University and Research Network), which provides high speed data network connectivity to its 75 customers and their 370,000 users. CSC’s network connects all of its customers to the services they need and all of its customers to each other for collaboration.


CSC had been operating the Funet backbone at 10G, but traffic had steadily grown to the point where an upgrade to higher speeds needed. On top of that, the users can have extremely demanding and unpredictable data requirements, making it challenging to plan for peak demands. CSC needed to transform the entire backbone from 10Gbps to 100Gbps links.


The organisation built its two previous generations of network using Juniper Networks technology, and turned to Juniper Networks once again to create its new core, using Juniper Networks® MX960 3D Universal Edge Routers, equipped with MPC4E Modular Port Concentrators, to interconnect and provide access to all of its 75 customer organizations. MX Series routers allowed CSC to upgrade directly to a 100Gbs solution in the most cost-effective way, which is important because it is state-funded.


Teemu Kiviniemi, development manager at Funet quotes: “Our aim is always to upgrade before we hit congestion but now we know we have enough capacity to react even when our customers need a lot of capacity at short notice. This is crucial for a lot of our users, who often work with very large data sets and need to move terabytes or even petabytes of data.


CSC also uses Juniper Networks MX Series routers for CPE (Customer Premise Equipment). This has created a simplified operational environment, with a single feature set across both its backbone and CPE, and saves a lot of time by using the same operational processes everywhere - for configuration, management and monitoring.


Kiviniemi says, “We currently connect our campus networks at 10G but our new core means that we're already starting to plan for 100G connections directly to our customers. And we can always use even higher capacity MX Series routers if we need to, so there are plenty more upgrade options available, whatever our future requirements. We are very happy with how this whole project has worked. Finland is a large sparsely populated country, so it's important that we can easily move huge amounts of data around over the network rather than transporting hard disks. Now it means our customers can forget about the network and concentrate on the real work that they do - research, education and teaching.”


To find out more, please read the case study.

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