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Technology is more than just networking and Juniper experts share their views on all the trends affecting IT
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Industry Solutions and Trends
New Research Suggests the C-Suite is Neglecting IT
Jun 21, 2016


New survey data shows that nearly nine in ten IT and business decision-makers admit that their organization would perform better if their current C-Suite were more tech-savvy. This worrying disconnect can be a touchy subject – it’s not easy to speak truth to power. This puts partners in an interesting situation when it comes to having discussions with their customers about the importance of IT.


As a trusted advisor to your customers, how do you help them prepare for the rapid changes and profound disruption that almost certainly lie ahead? If you’re reading this, you (and your customers) already know that advanced networking capabilities are essential. The challenge is convincing the C-Suite to act now.


Juniper Networks just released the results to an important study that sheds light on the disconnect between IT and the C-Suite. Working with Wakefield Research to survey more than 2,700 IT and business decision-makers around the world from healthcare companies, retailers, financial services enterprises and service provider organizations, we learned a great deal that can help our channel partners understand these market challenges. Here’s what the report found.


The good, the bad and the automated

The good… IT is essential. Over 70 percent of decision-makers surveyed across all four industries say they are excited by the opportunities automation creates. An even greater percentage believe that network and IT automation will be essential to their company’s future competitiveness. As trusted advisors, our channel partners provide much needed perspective and experience in what can feel like an uber-competitive world.


The bad… Seven in ten IT decision-makers surveyed believe the C-Suite doesn’t recognize the importance of the network to their bottom line, despite the proven benefits of network automation. One of the survey’s most surprising findings is that nine in ten respondents believe senior leaders lack sufficient tech knowhow to keep their organizations at the leading edge of innovation and progress. Our channel partners are on the front lines and can help their customers demonstrate the value of the network and how it drives business results. The onus falls on us, through our partners, to help customers educate the C-Suite and build bridges between IT and business.


The automated… More than 90 percent of IT decision-makers at companies using software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) believe they have gained a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. They also report that the benefits of SDN and NFV exceed their expectations in capabilities ranging from virtual data center operations to security automation, network visibility, workflow automation, virtual security, virtual routing and more.



The bottom line is that, as we continue to ride the wave of digital transformation, the channel plays a key role in facilitating these conversations and helping customers successfully navigate the journey. The channel is in a unique position to guide, educate and support end customers as they evolve their businesses, and understanding these current industry dynamics can help.


Feel free to check out the survey findings here.