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Industry Solutions and Trends
No IP no future?
Feb 23, 2018



Content producers, broadcasters, and service providers must have high-speed interconnections for the distribution of programs, playout, over-the-top streaming, and live events. IP promises economies of scale, workflow agility, and better integration into the corporate business networks and cloud computing.


From infrastructure to content distribution
The migration to IP can have an immediate impact. You don’t have to wait for new technology developments to realise the benefits. A good example is Broadcast Centre Europe (BCE) who build a state-of-the-art broadcasting center in Luxembourg to see how an IP approach can improve everything from building infrastructure through to content distribution.

The key to IP adoption doesn’t have to be an all or nothing commitment. There is a transition from SDI, with open interfaces based on industry standards (including media bodies such as AIMS, AMWA, and SMPTE) allowing for complete interoperability with other IP devices and transport technologies.




 AI could automate highlights production
The use of AI, or machine learning in the broadcast and content creation industries is of course in its infancy but it’s possible to see, just from this example, how AI could impact traditional manual tasks. In sport, it’s already being discussed how AI could automate highlights production, quicken logging and replicate techniques used by camera operators and editors.


Of course, AI is not a standalone. Big data, analytics and machine learning, let alone future AIs, demand better data centers and better networks. The future of the industry is dependent on it. According to research company Devoncroft, this hasn’t escaped the attention of most industry people. Devoncroft’s Big Broadcast Survey 2017 (which interviewed several thousand broadcast professionals in 100 plus countries) revealed that behind multi-platform content delivery, IP networking and content delivery was the second most important industry trend.


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IP enables improved workflows and content security
We believe that these evolving business models are necessary for the future sustainability of the industry. As well as cost efficiencies, IP enables improved workflows and content security. Firewalls are no longer enough. Entire networks need to be able to identify and block potential threats. Software defined network architectures should allow businesses to create security policies that apply to every element in the network, so enforcement takes place everywhere, not just in firewalls.

IP is essentially one of the best ways of securing your IP.


Read more in the opinion paper with practical take a ways.

By Sergio Fickel, Marketing Lead Media & Broadcast EMEA, Juniper Networks



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