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Partnering for Business Growth
Feb 2, 2015

One thing I’ve learned in my career in the technology business is that change is a constant. As soon as we think we’ve got the coolest gadget something cooler comes along. As soon as we think we have the next big idea someone else comes along with a bigger one. It’s change, and it’s constant. And that’s what I like about our industry. While some people shy away from change, I think it’s to our advantage to embrace it. 


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I know that this past year Juniper has ridden a raft of changes but in spite of these changes the vision and values and innovation of the company has remained stable and healthy. Our Partner ecosystem has been one of our constants, and we are thankful for that. We are “Deliberately Dependent” on you, and as a company we’re stronger going forward because of the partnerships with your companies. We’re now in a better position to address your needs and grow further with you. How?


Ears to the Ground


We’ve been given one mouth and two ears for a reason. I believe we ought to spend twice as much time listening as talking and that’s what we’ve been doing. In the past year, we took time to listen to you and asked what you liked and didn’t like about our partner programs. And you were vocal and candid. Thanks.


You said that you like Juniper and our innovative spirit. That our partner programs are good, competitive, and give you the opportunity to be profitable. But you also said that we can be a bit unpredictable, “Stop coming out with something new all the time.” “Please, no more programs with a short shelf life,” others said. “We need greater consistency and predictability,” from others.


What you said you appreciate most are programs and rewards that match your business models, afford greater flexibility and give you more time to earn the maximum profit. Good examples noted were things like the Champions and Services programs. We heard you. So with Partnering for Business Growth (watch video), Juniper’s partner strategy, we will double down on these programs and others like them. In short, we’re giving you more time to make more money with more tools and resources.


Three Pillars for Success


My job as head of Juniper Partner and Field Marketing organization is to help you navigate, prepare, and capture the opportunities that change brings. With Partnering for Business Growth, we’re making it easier for you to do business with us. We’ve created greater consistency and scale, and most importantly we have aligned our programs for greater agility. And frankly, it all makes better sense.


The list of enhancements is long — you can get all the details on our Partner Center — but I’d like to highlight a few from each of three business “pillars.”

 JPA 2015 3 Pillars.png

First, Enhanced Partnering. We are building on our current award-winning partner programs to make them more scalable, timeless, and easier to use. For example, for greater simplicity, we’ve created a single integrated program framework that includes products and services, partners and distributors. We’ve streamlined Product Authorization requirements from seven to just three — Routing, Switching, and Security. And we’ve added new features to our Champion Program and Marketing Learning Academy to help you further develop your expertise to best serve the next-generation markets.


The second pillar, Next Generation Partnering, is all about creating new opportunities for greater revenue growth together. It’s our chance to work together to be more relevant to our customers’ needs and become indispensable partners with them and each other. Such a mutually connected relationship is win-win-win and is the heart of next generation partnering.


We’re going to focus our energy on high growth areas such as Cloud offerings and SDN, with an emphasis on Services along with Products, and provide you with the resources that will help you accelerate revenue growth in these areas— performance rebates, market development funds, vertical market campaigns, and demand generation and sales tools to drive your business.


Third, with our Profitable Partnering pillar we’re going to reward you for your targeted investments and performance. We’re going to give you more time to earn that money (spanning multiple quarters vs just one) and we’re going to help you tap into a greater profit pool based on products, services, and software.


The more money you make with Juniper products, the more we reward you through incentive programs. Starting now, we’ll offer incentives aimed at each level of your organization.


Our Distribution partners can participate in the Distributor Performance Incentive program, a quarterly rebate to reward you for growing Juniper business in commercial markets.


Elite and Select partners can participate in our Base Product Incentive Rebate and a new Commercial Accelerator Rebate. Additionally, we added a half year catch-up to the Quarterly Incentive Program Consistency Bonus for quarterly achievement. Elite Partners with Support Services Specialization may be eligible for our quarterly rebate when achieving performance metrics. We’ll also provide incentives for sales reps at our partners who sell products into new customers.


We’re really excited about our revamped Juniper Marketing Concierge. We’re making it a stronger demand generation platform that you can use to drive growth within your business. Besides personalizing assets and campaigns, you will have access to live marketing resources to help you market better with us. These marketing concierges are available to work with you to create personalized campaigns, assist you with nurturing leads, and build pipeline.


Lastly, to support your marketing efforts, we’re extending the Market Development Funds (MDF) planning cycle from 3 months to 6 months to provide you with greater visibility and time to earn more.


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Time to Embrace Change


As I said at the beginning, we are in a time of change, but those of us who embrace that change have the advantage. While these changes may lead us into new or untapped territory this year, it’s an adventure we’re looking forward to.


Partnering is a true team effort and I want to thank everyone for your dedication and hard work—and your candor and commitment—without which we would not be able to evolve effectively. Together we are making a difference. Juniper is about innovation and we are committed to you, our key partners, to create competitive differentiation for our customers. We are “Deliberately Dependent”, and we look forward to the adventure with you.



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