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Industry Solutions and Trends
Proactive healthcare for your network.
Dec 19, 2017

Maintaining, monitoring, auditing, troubleshooting, and fixing networks today is a difficult, manual, and cumbersome task that requires complex programming and management skills.  Like a doctor diagnosing a patient’s ailments after he or she is sick, corporate IT teams find themselves reacting to network issues rather than anticipating and predicting problems before they can do any real damage.


Isn’t it time we started living in a world where doctors—and network operators—enjoy the benefits of digital assistance that can monitor a patient’s or a network’s overall health, offering proactive, real-time recommendations to avoid serious illness and network outages? 


Juniper Networks thinks so, and we’ve done something about it—for network operators, at least.  Juniper Bots are an ecosystem of software applications that enable network operators to perform automated tasks with intelligence and ease, bringing the promise of the Self-Driving Network™ to life by rendering network infrastructure responsive, adaptive, and—ultimately—predictive.


The new AppFormix HealthBot analyzes real-time telemetry data, letting IT staff proactively identify and troubleshoot issues to maintain overall network health—unlike traditional network management models, where they can only react to issues after it’s already too late.






A dynamic machine-learning analytics tool that instantaneously translates telemetry and network data into actionable and predictive insight, AppFormix HealthBot enables better resource planning, network management, and traffic engineering. By combining the power of fine-grained telemetry and analytics with workflow automation, AppFormix HealthBot allows service providers, cloud operators, and enterprises to move quickly from a reactive to a highly predictive model, offering immediate corrective actions when desired business and technical requirements are not being met.  This improves a company’s operational efficiency and allows them to meet their service level agreements (SLAs).


With modern advancements in the fields of medicine and technology, it is important that healthcare and networks alike transition from a reactive to a proactive model. Juniper’s AppFormix HealthBot ensures a happy, healthy network by bringing network operators one step closer to the proactive ideal by requiring less human intervention, eliminating burdensome operational tasks, and freeing IT staff up to innovate, reducing operational costs.