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Industry Solutions and Trends
Ready for Business! Juniper Networks and Vodafone Showcase SD-WAN at Paris SD-WAN Summit
Sep 27, 2018

These days, “SD-WAN” is quite the buzzword in enterprise networking and it often seems like every company has an SD-WAN offering. However, confusion remains around what SD-WAN really is, how it works and the benefits that it presents to enterprises today.


Juniper Networks and Vodafone recently announced a partnership for the delivery of SD-WAN and uCPE services through Vodafone’s new Ready Network portfolio and showcased a demo of the joint solution at the Paris SD-WAN Summit


Ready Network, Vodafone’s new portfolio of software defined, on-demand network services, will soon be available to all of its enterprise customers globally. Ready Network also uses a universal CPE with embedded compute and storage to host a range of virtual functions at the customer’s site. Combined with service delivery and management from the cloud, it allows enterprises to manage and deploy network services on demand.


Vodafone’s Ready Network is architected to be open for multi-vendor environments.  Ultimately, this will allow for feature-rich services using best of breed applications, offering choice and flexibility to their customers.


Why does this matter to an enterprise?

Put simply, this solution allows enterprises to securely deliver business critical applications with a greater quality of experience, at a lower cost with the flexibility to adapt the network as the business evolves.


At the Paris SD-WAN Summit we recorded four short demonstrations of key features, each of which is shown below in the videos.


Application level SLAs with link switching


Secure SD-WAN


Bandwidth on demand


Application level analytics


Other features in the demonstration include:

  • Dynamic SLA settings using link latency, packet loss
  • Automatic sorting of traffic into categories such as web, messaging and infrastructure with risk profiling
  • Ability to identify encrypted traffic using SSL Proxy
  • Live threat map to identify attacks, viruses, etc. on a geographic map with source/target countries
  • Ability to define departments and simplify policy deployment using intent-based policies. Ready Network enables SD-WAN & security for a department inside an enterprise through a simple policy. 


The new services that Vodafone is launching will help enterprises prepare for a software-defined future that focuses on simplified and centralised control to deliver superior application performance when it matters most. The integration of security throughout the service will help enterprises mitigate ever-present risks in these environments. The virtualised and multi-vendor Ready Network solution will provide businesses the flexibility to adapt their network over time without major investments. At Juniper, we look forward to working with Vodafone to deliver Ready Network and its many benefits to their enterprise customers around the world.