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SMB and Midmarket Customers Looking for a Switch "Box"? Let Juniper Switches Simplify Your Network (Now with Two New Models!)
May 26, 2016

From combating ransomware to managing credentials to overseeing system migrations, IT teams at small and mid-market companies have a lot on their plates – and too few resources. When it comes to provisioning networks, the hardware choices can be overwhelming, especially when all switches look more or less the same.


So what makes one box better than any other? Simplicity.


Today, Juniper announced the new EX2300 and EX3400 1 GbE access switches, enhancing the EX Series portfolio and providing small and midmarket customers with more easy-to-manage choices to meet the most demanding networking needs with Juniper Networks® Unite, an agile enterprise architecture that provides simplified network infrastructure. These switches are Junos® Fusion Enterprise ready as satellite devices, as well as compatible with Virtual Chassis technology, to free the stretched IT engineers to concentrate on high-impact projects and help small and midmarket companies grow.


  • The EX3400 is a midrange switch and features 40GbE uplinks for bandwidth-hungry applications. It also features MACsec hardware encryption on all of its 1GbE and 10GbE interfaces to meet the stringent security requirements of today's regulated environments. The EX3400 also boasts dual redundant power supplies and fans to meet the high availability of mission critical businesses.

 EX3400 24-port, 48-port and back viewEX3400 24-port, 48-port and back view

  • The EX2300 is an entry-level switch and features 10GbE uplinks to satiate a network's bandwidth as businesses adopt cloud applications, video or UC. It also comes in a compact, fanless, silent form factor and can be deployed in open environments like classrooms or hotel rooms.


In addition to these features, Juniper’s new EX2300 and EX3400 switches boast several capabilities that make them ideal for branch, small and midmarket organizations:


One Junos: For over a decade now our customers have been raving about the Junos® operating system. Unlike other vendors, Juniper’s EX Series runs the same Junos OS, providing ease of management and consistent operations. Built on carrier-grade technology, the Junos OS is fully customizable and programmable with a rich open API library and the ability to fully script, program and automate via Netconf, Python, Ansible, etc. Learn it once and that knowledge can be applied to all Juniper equipment, including the MX Series routers and SRX Series firewalls.


Simplified Deployments: Virtual Chassis technology goes beyond basic stacking and enables up to 10 interconnected EX Series switches to operate as a single, logical device. So instead of 10 devices you only need to worry about one, reducing the number of managed devices by 90 percent. Unlike other technologies, Virtual Chassis is very flexible and can span access and aggregation tiers.

Even if aggregation switches are 10 GbE-based devices, while the access switches are 1 GbE you can mix 1 GbE and 10 GbE switches together in the same Virtual Chassis. Finally, while typical stackable switches cannot be more than five meters apart, EX Series switches in a Virtual Chassis configuration can span both access and aggregation tiers across distances of up to 80 km.


Easy Management: EX Series switches feature the J-Web interface, which provides access to important management, visibility and configuration controls. Junos CLI also provides direct, low-level access to EX Series switches’ operations.


Finally, the Junos Space Network Director Management platform offers full life-cycle management and visibility of all EX Series switches. Network Director's GUI is easy to use with dedicated configuration, troubleshooting, monitoring and reporting views. And it features packaged wizards to guide you along most of your daily operations activities.


With these new additions to Juniper’s EX access switch series, small and midmarket customers have even more choices when building flexible, easy-to-use networks. Find more information about the advantages of these switches, as well as what customers have to say, in the press release.