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Service providers: Stars or supporting actors in the age of digital cohesion

Service providers: Stars or supporting actors in the age of digital cohesion

Moving to the next level of network innovation


Digital disruption has already impacted many industries and the pace of change continues to accelerate. Powerful technologies are combining to make our lives more convenient and rewarding.


We are already used to apps that help us stay in touch, navigate unfamiliar territory, manage our time, and monitor our health. New applications are being built that augment reality and allow us to explore our world like never before. While artificial intelligence is allowing many tasks to be automated, increasing speed, accuracy, and efficiency.


At Juniper we believe these technological developments, combined with changing user expectations, competitive pressures, and new economics, are ushering in a new era – the age of digital cohesion – a future in which applications connect and self-assemble to deliver compelling mega-services that enhance our lives.

 For example, imagine receiving a proactive telephone call from a medical professional saying that an MRI scan has been booked for you, because the data from the wearable device on your wrist - combined with your medical records and patterns identified by artificial intelligence - has picked up you may be suffering from a life threatening condition. It might sound scary but it could also save lives.

Mega-services like this are not the figment of someone’s imagination. They are happening now. To be effective they need to be fast, incorporate vast amounts of sensor data, and be able to move large amounts of information quickly and securely. In turn this will have a huge impact on network technologies in general and service providers in particular.


Service providers are no strangers to change. Over the years voice, SMS, and enterprise circuits have given way to IP-VPN, internet connectivity, and IMS-type services. More recently SD-WAN, centralized cloud platforms and services on-demand have been added. The question facing service providers today is how to differentiate themselves in the era of digital cohesion.


The most obvious route is to play a supporting role, by becoming providers of the new infrastructure needed to make digital cohesion a reality. This is the traditional strength of service providers. It will require investment in the network to deliver the capabilities required to reliably deliver mega-services, but it is a natural evolution from where service providers are today.


However, at Juniper we believe there are also further opportunities for service providers to play a starring role in the era of digital cohesion.


Discover what those opportunities are and the network architecture requirements needed to thrive in the new era of mega-services in our white paper - Digital Cohesion: Will Service Providers Play a Supporting or a Starring Role? Read it now


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